Sink Sank Sunk | Revry


Director: Shariffa Ali

Director: William Roller

Director: Will Seefried

  • Laura Linney
  • Will Seefried
  • Gwendolyn Ellis
  • Keshav Moodliar
  • KeiLyn Durrell Jones
  • Lauren Sharpe
  • Tia James
  • Zoe Alperin
  • Hannes Otto
  • Simone Recasner
  • Harvy Burgett
  • Annie Fox

Sink Sank Sunk is a digital triptych that tells the story of Cooper, a young gay recluse with some unresolved mommy issues. In this Revry Original digital series, Cooper journeys to complete his late-mother's passion project, a documentary about her synchronized swimming team, venturing into the unfamiliar waters of community, empathy, and romantic love. Sink Sank Sunk is a tender and playful meditation on being a part of something bigger than yourself.

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