The Trouble with Barry | Revry

89 min Premium-Horror TV-MA

Director: Mike Justice

Director: Stephen Kitaen

  • Bruce L. Hart
  • Kelly Keaton
  • Rove Mcmanus
  • Robbie Banfitch
  • Chris Pudlo
  • Eric Dean
  • Matthew Stephen Herrick
  • Michael Carbonaro
  • Michelle Bauer
  • Brinke Stevens
  • Linnea Quigley
  • Juliette Danielle
  • Lynn Lowry
  • Rena Riffel
  • Peter Stickles

Barry is a narcissistic sociopath -- but is he also a killer? Babes in lingerie, workout montages, cat scares, shower scenes, and red herrings abound in this award-winning throwback to B-Movie Madness, boasting a stellar ensemble cast amid the insanity.

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