Single Record - I Never Want to See You Again | Revry

16 min Drama TV-MA

Director: Marcello Peschiera

Director: Nelson Moses Lassiter

  • Rich Mcann
  • Nelson Moses Lassiter
  • Yonathan Elias
  • Timothy MacKay
  • Carl Ellis Grant
  • Shavanna Calder
  • Brian Fitzgerald
  • Kyle Axman
  • Areshia Franklin
  • Wilson Christopher

S1 E4 | Aaron admits he is dating Harmon by coming out to Shai whose response is not the good news he hoped for. Fearful of more rejection, Aaron goes on a radio show and lies about working with Harmon by taking full credit for writing his new song and claims he is dating his ex-girlfriend, Reesa Evans. Sheila, Kieran’s girlfriend gets into an argument with Kieran after flirting with the idea of an abortion. Shai’s drug dealer learns a secret about Shai and severs all ties with him. Kieran flips out on Aaron for lying on the radio show and tells Aaron that he is getting dropped from the label.

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