Single Record - The Kiss | Revry

22 min Drama TV-MA

Director: Marcello Peschiera

Director: Nelson Moses Lassiter

  • Rich Mcann
  • Nelson Moses Lassiter
  • Yonathan Elias
  • Timothy MacKay
  • Carl Ellis Grant
  • Shavanna Calder
  • Brian Fitzgerald
  • Kyle Axman
  • Areshia Franklin
  • Wilson Christopher

S1 E2 | Aaron’s apartment gets broken into and all of his original music is stolen. DJ Bizzy, Aaron’s producer sets him up with a boy band frontman turned solo artist, Harmon Vegas to cowrite a new song. Aaron feels Harmon is the reason why the record label isn’t pushing his career as strong as they should. Back at home, Kieran learns his girlfriend is pregnant. While in the studio, Bizzy and Kieran leave Aaron and Harmon alone so their creative juices can flow. After a few drinks they share intimate details about their lives and discover they are more similar than they thought. Harmon moves in for a kiss that changes their lives forever.

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