The Remains | Revry

97 min Premium-Drama TV-MA

Director: Fernanda Teixeira

  • Guilherme Dellorto
  • Renata Guida
  • Higor Campagnaro
  • Bruna Linzmeyer

O Que Resta is the story of an isolated house - always crowded with friends, lovers, music, laughter, where the parties happen for no particular reason, the frustrations and repressed desires of a young middle class couple finally reach the point of eruption. Bárbara and Luiz seem to have finally got rid of the vague artistic ambitions they cherished at the age of twenty. Attached to jobs they hate, exhausted by the demands imposed by an increasingly expensive and chaotic city, the couple finds occasional comfort by visiting, the mountain property of Yuri, a wealthy friend of the couple. Both Barbara and Luiz will eventually be forced to deal with the repressed passion they feel for their long-time friend, as well as the personal frustrations they have been ignoring for years. Times that return, bodies that meet, vices that remain.

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