Davis Mallory - Little Victory | Revry


DΛVIS Mallory, known for his participation in MTV's The Real World Denver, The Challenge: Inferno III, Duel II, Rivals 1 has made a new name for himself as a DJ & Singer-Songwriter collaborating with renowned musical artists RetroVision, John Dahlback, Landis, Noize Generation, Going Deeper, and DJs From Mars, and releases on labels that include Hexagon, Revealed, Armada, Warner Music, Loudkult and Soave.

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Atlanta Ain't Afraid (feat. Luma) Little Victory Fire Signs (feat. Miss Audrey) Shirtless Heavy (feat. Blake Lieder & Daisha McBride) Can You Tell Me? Say You Hate Me Sink Or Swim Forget You (feat. Fenox) Broken Dreams (feat. Depdramez) Faith (feat. Madeline Finn)