The Library | Revry

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Director: Courtney Eck

Director: Aubree Bernier-Clarke

Director: Sarah Whelden

Director: Christian Henry

  • Frankie Simone
  • Logan Lynn
  • Kat Buckley
  • Gregory Gourdet
  • Trystan Reese
  • Jenna Vesper
  • Kaia Wilson
  • Nicole Georges
  • Che Che Luna
  • Flawless Shade
  • Dylan Carlino
  • Ponyo Georges

As we seek to honor and celebrate the countless LGBTQ individuals, communities, sub-communities, and dynasties that have flourished in the face of adversity over decades, it dawned on us that there are so many unknown and untold stories about gay history, vocabulary, vernacular, and the human experiences that fuel the formation of cultures and identities based on authentic self-expression and love. As we discovered these stories, we wished for a gay “library” where anyone could visit and learn, in bite-size portions, about crucial events in gay history, gay heroes and icons past and present, fascinating sub-cultures, slang terms, scientific references, political movements... Essentially, a record of all the bits of queer education that are at risk of being lost or misinterpreted — information that we all crave as members of LGBTQ communities and as Allies. Do you know the story of the first Pride parade? Ever wondered what “Skoliosexual,” “Polycule,” or “Doppelbanger” means? The Library is open — and ready to clue you in.

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