Raid of The Rainbow Lounge | Revry

104 min Documentary TV-MA

Director: Robert L. Camina

  • Meredith Baxter
  • Christopher Aller
  • Thomas R. Anable
  • Joel Burns
  • Todd Camp
  • Daniel Scott Cates
  • Jason Dottley
  • Alison Egert
  • Eric Ensminger
  • David J. Folkert
  • Chad Gibson
  • Raymond Gill
  • Benjamin Guttery
  • Jeffrey Halstead
  • David Mack Henderson
  • Rafael McDonnell
  • Jesse Meraz
  • Jon Nelson
  • Christopher Neu
  • Randy Norman
  • Chuck Potter
  • Joseph Remsik
  • Del Shores
  • Sara Straten
  • Kyle R. Trentham
  • Estrus Tucker
  • Rick Vanderslice
  • Shane Wells
  • Rob Wiley
  • Blake Wilkinson

A riveting recount of a violent 2009 raid of a Texas gay bar and its aftermath. Following sordid allegations and outrage, Fort Worth emerged a leader in LGBT equality. Experience the journey as told by the victims and those who helped change the city.

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