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D'Arcy Drollinger sorts through this week's trash! A weekly review of pop culture, news, gossip, social media, cats doing stuff, and more!

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Pence's Fly (For a White Guy) An Arm and A Leg for Armie Hammer Let's Get Loud ChromaticOreos #FreeBritney Nach-Oh-Hell-No! Ted Cruz's Cancun Driver's License Celeb Di*k Pics! Wet Ass Grammys It's A Go-Go Extravaganza! Cinnamon Shrimp What A Pickle! Froyo Faux Pas Total Recall Break-Ups, Shake-Ups, and Make-Ups! Hot Gay Pride Trash! Britney's Mic Drop Live In Person! Gold Medals and Muppet Babies The Great Crate Challenge