The Q Agenda - Season 4 | Revry


The Q Agenda is hosted by a passionate community of Latinx LGBTQ+ personalities and influencers including, actress and trans activist Juliana Joel, comedian Lianna Carrera, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur Victor Ramos and actor, host and reality TV personality Enrique Sapene. Each episode will feature special guests from celebrities to influencers and activists for candid and genuine conversations about issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community.

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Laith Ashley, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and RBG Dr. James Simmons, Circus of Books, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show Scandal World AIDS Day, Timo Nuñez, and Lady Diana Nina Fiore, Jose Richard Aviles, and Election Tampering Kalen Allen, Chef Michael Silverstein Bryan Thompson, Fedro Fred Rosser, Gabriel Rivera-Barraza Garfield Wilson, ANTIBOY, and Black History Month