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An ocean-deep strain of house, hip hop, and subversive pop is making sweaty walls bang from New York to Seoul and beyond. Yaeji (Kathy Yaeji Lee) is a Korean-American DJ and visual artist with a fervent DIY aesthetic and quiet confidence – instead of trying to scrape the wallflowers from the club’s dark corners, Yaeji tends to their vines and blooms. Childhood and adolescence saw her bunny-hopping through NY borough Queens, Atlanta, and Korea, but the artist found her home in Brooklyn’s thriving creative scene. There, she’s well-known for nights that serve Japanese curry to dancers alongside the melodic, soul-hugging dance music. With exhilarating, considered mixes that champion the best of her fresh, PoC, and queer contemporaries, Yaeji has galvanized the dedicated fanbase she deserves with her forward-thinking new wave.

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Waking Up Down