Insomnia | Revry

Comedy Drama

Director: Michelle Cutolo

  • Vishaal Reddy
  • Nikki Renee Daniels
  • Aneesh Sheth
  • Cheech Manohar
  • Alison Barton
  • Kuhoo Verma
  • Nandita Shenoy
  • James Seol
  • Daniel Burns
  • Jason Veasey
  • Christopher Romero Wilson
  • Billy Mason
  • Piyali Syam
  • Sherz Aletaha
  • Devon Kolluri. Michael Hull
  • Shawlini Holbrook
  • Christian Sineath
  • Ross Neal
  • Onkar Singh Dhindsa
  • Vick Krishna
  • Marina D’Agostini
  • Emily Parish

Insomnia is told through the eyes of Nikhil Rao , a struggling, Indian-American writer that can’t seem to get his life together. A bisexual writer suffering from insomnia, this story follows Nikhil as he secretly moonlights as an escort to support himself and his sick aunt. In each episode, Nikhil navigates New York City, attempting to balance the double life of being a writer and escort. We meet his eclectic group of friends, family, clients, and witness absurd late- night antics. This is Nikhil's journey to find love, happiness, and his true identity. This is a story about growing up. And failing. A lot.

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