Killer Workout | Revry

11 min Premium-Comedy TV-MA

Director: Sara Werner

  • Nina Kassa
  • Tiffan Borelli
  • Gayle Samuels
  • Erik Potempa
  • Joshua Packard

Killer Workout is about the struggle of JOY CASSA, 31, a queer, Black female personal trainer who’s always felt disrespected and othered. Her seemingly impossible dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer in the days before Misty Copeland has succumbed to the realities of age and needing to pay the ever-inflating bills of NYC. She loves her girlfriend, and enjoys the fitness part of being a private trainer for the elite. Unfortunately, the massive amount of residual anger and pain Joy harbors from smiling through regular abuse from her classist, racist clientele has brought her to a breaking point.

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