Pot Pie | Revry

Cooking Docu-Series Lifestyle

Director: Rob Fee

Director: Neely Coe

Director: Joshua Otten

Director: Brandon Hula

  • Missy Modell
  • Liz Nistico
  • Brandin LaShea
  • Rachel Evans
  • Chris Sayegh
  • Aristotle Georgeson
  • Adrienne Airhart
  • Elijah Daniels
  • Christine Sydelko
  • Vitaly
  • Mac
  • Joyya
  • Rob Fee
  • Daniel Ralston
  • Ophelia Chong
  • Cat Packer
  • Adam22
  • Derek Luh
  • Chanel West Coast
  • Anastasia Baranova
  • Jerry Purpdrank
  • Sydney Maler
  • Talisa Monet
  • Heather Hoffman
  • Tam Yajia
  • Mike Capes
  • Razzle Dangerously
  • Paper Mashay
  • Michelle Tin
  • Sara Weinshenk
  • Cartier
  • Ester Steinburg
  • Marta Goldschmied
  • Lindsay Ames
  • Simon Gibson
  • Luis Victor Jimenez
  • Jessica VerSteeg
  • Rob Fee

Chef Brandin LaShea must prepare a dinner for her influencer guests with one major hitch: She has no idea what ingredients she'll have until it is time to cook! That is, except for the surprise ingredient she brought, which will either disrupt or elevate the entire experience. Oh, and she is super baked the entire time.

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Aristotle and Adrienne Airhart Elijah Daniels and Christine Sydelko Vitaly Mac and Joyya Rob Fee and Daniel Ralston Ophelia Chong and Cat Packer Adam22 Derek Luh