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Pop-electronic singer-songwriting vocalist. Born in Louisville KY, but grew up in North Carolina listening to Whitney, Enya, Céline, Michael, Imogen Heap and film scores, Cameron would always transport himself to different worlds while living in a small boring town. “I just want my music to reach people, to touch people, to connect to them, make them feel me. You feel me?” Graduating from East Carolina University with a BFA in Musical Theatre, Cam headed to NYC where he currently resides pursuing a singing career, taking all he’s learned in theatre and music theory and listening/watching the greats and transposing it into his own artistry. Seeking management and/or label representation because he knows more than ever there is a market for queer artists and voices to be heard, celebrated, and spread around the globe. He is currently finishing up writing and recording his new album, a two-part piece, the first titled MASCULINE, in which he composes and records in his studio bedroom.

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