Field Trip | Revry

Comedy Interview Talk Show

Director: Brendan Russo

  • Jordyn Conway
  • Tammy Pettigrew
  • Kevin Smith
  • OG Louie the XIII
  • Mario Guzman
  • Marty Grimes
  • Smoke
  • Stephanie Cakes
  • Carlos Dew
  • Marc Wasserman
  • Craig Wasserman
  • Bill Levers
  • Layne Schmerin
  • Fidel
  • David Sabastian
  • Problem
  • Chase The Money
  • Al Harrington

Join Jordyn Conway and Tammi Pettigrew (AKA The Cannabis Cutie) on a psychedelic journey through the universe! Part talk show/part Magic School Bus-style adventure, Jordyn and Tammi are joined along the way by celebrities, educators, industry leaders, and even dinosaurs! Smoke up, jump in and get ready for the greatest Field Trip of your life!

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Welcome To Field Trip Jersey Trippin’ With Kevin Smith This Joint’s A Trip Binski Trippin' Full on Trippin' Super Trippin with Carlos and The Pot Bros Field Trip Is Back! Field Tripping with The Beard Bros Viola Tripping with Al Harrington Area 51 Tripping with Fidel and Layne Alien Tripping with David Sabastian, Marty Grimes, and Layne Tripping with Problem and Chase The Money