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Jakk Fynn isn’t going to be boxed in — and if he has anything to do with it, his listeners won’t be, either. The singer-songwriter has given himself the freedom to explore musical soundscapes, melding his roots with his adult endeavors and always embracing the natural state of flux that comes with being an artist in the internet age. Even in his youth, Jakk soaked it all in, whether it was from legacy artists like Nirvana and the Beach Boys or acts more representative of the moment like Backstreet Boys and NSync. Now, after time in bands and years spent in the post-hardcore scene, Jakk Fynn is ready to let himself be exactly who he wants as a musician. As a trans artist in music, Jakk is aware of the need for transmasculine representation in the pop space in particular. As a young adult, there wasn’t an artist like Jakk out there — he’s carving his path not just for himself, but for others like him, proving that it’s all possible. With his music, the California-based artist hopes listeners feel a bit less alone. As someone who faces the challenges associated with anxiety himself, he hopes to make anyone who hears his music feel understood in some capacity. His story, and his art, conjure feelings of triumph and healing. With artists like Jakk Fynn making music, a brighter, more honest, and more inclusive world feels that much more possible.

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