Submission Possible | Revry

Educational Sex Positive

Director: Madison Young

  • Miss Indigo Blue
  • Madison Young
  • Viola Parker
  • Sura Hertzberg
  • Gypsi Sandiego
  • Ashton Young
  • Valerie Elefante
  • Elyse the Beast
  • Mx Phoenix
  • NEVE
  • Mx Pucks A’ Plenty
  • Miss Jenn Davis
  • Dadi Iris
  • Nikeisah Newton
  • Cat Hollis
  • Arabelle Raphael
  • Annie Sprinkle
  • Elizabeth Stephens
  • Midori
  • Dahlia Snow
  • Nyxie Likely
  • Cleo Dubois
  • Pony Lee
  • Ayesha “Smutty” Hussain
  • Jimanekia Eborn
  • April Flores
  • Lief Bound
  • Icarus Bound
  • Harley Evans
  • Connie Vino
  • Blue
  • Allison Boots
  • Teagan Bootblack

In this Revry Original, Madison Young delves deep into sex magic rituals, herbal aphrodisiacs, cemeteries, sexy seances and spectrophilia in the hauntingly sexy city of New Orleans.

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