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Purple Crush is a music and dance collective started by Air Jared and Isla Ebony. With numerous singles and albums dating back to 2003, Purple Crush amassed a following in 2007 after self-releasing their album “Welcome 2 Emo Club” on their Crushed Records imprint. The release solidified this married act as soldiers on the frontlines of a then burgeoning Brooklyn electro movement, becoming favorites in the blogosphere, and riding the blog house wave across the globe to its peak.

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Kiss My Cheeks NYC Bad Girl Sweat New Me Pop Bitch Little Bitch (feat. Josh Peace, Rudeness, Miss Barbie Q) Thirsty No More Lies Tastyride Shock And Awe (feat. Raja and Josh Peace) Vogue Opera Witch Stunt Thick Skin (feat. Daphne Von Rey) Woman Voguing Like A Butch Queen Slow And Steady Ballroom Baby Hold My Purse Going To The Ball