Adolescence | Revry

16 min Drama TV-14

Director: Zeb Daemen

  • Alfie Noble
  • Ben Wilson
  • Joshua Lewis
  • Amelia Eve
  • Monica Forero

Adolescence is a coming of age story taking place entirely over the last day of summer. In many ways, for our protagonist James and his best friend Simon, this is also the last day of childhood. James is leaving tomorrow, leaving their town, the place and most importantly, the people he grew up with. He’s not sure he will ever see any of them again. But there are things that James has never had the chance to say. Feelings he has never been able to express. Set in picturesque 1950s Cornwall, the film reflects the realities of the time. Rigid gender roles, limited self-expression and unspoken truths that prevent people from being who they truly are. James is a budding videographer, he hopes to capture the day, a memory he will hold forever. Like many artists, he may find the strength behind his camera to say who he truly is to the person that matters most.

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