Theality TV | Revry


Director: Keith Cecere

  • Tym Moss
  • Fred Rosser
  • RJ Magee
  • Ike Avelli
  • Rob Gould
  • Casey Heyo
  • Anna Baker
  • Pasqualino Beltempo
  • Britte Steele
  • Mike Dorsey
  • Katelyn Lauria
  • Kevin Luís
  • Michael Musto
  • Emily Rachel Gordon
  • Jacqueline Dupree

Theality TV is a reality show about an Off Broadway Musical given a month and $10,000 to erect a backer’s edition in hopes of getting funding to take the show on the road.

The Circuit Stitch, Please! Drag Latina Freaky Followers Exotic Destinations 101 Lovedown Pride The Outline Gown and Out in Beverly Hills Submission Possible Putting On


$10K To Make A Musical? Did I Get The Part? Where's The Sheet Music? Rob vs. Cynthia: Will There Be Costumes? Where's The Kiss? Rehearsal Is On Drag Time! Show Time! Will They Like It? Reunion Special With Michael Musto Little House On The Ferry: Act I Little House On The Ferry: Act II