Theality TV | Revry


Director: Keith Cecere

  • Tym Moss
  • Fred Rosser
  • RJ Magee
  • Ike Avelli
  • Rob Gould
  • Casey Heyo
  • Anna Baker
  • Pasqualino Beltempo
  • Britte Steele
  • Mike Dorsey
  • Katelyn Lauria
  • Kevin Luís
  • Michael Musto
  • Emily Rachel Gordon
  • Jacqueline Dupree

Theality TV es un programa de telerrealidad sobre un musical de Off Broadway al que se le otorga un mes y $10,000 para erigir una edición de patrocinadores con la esperanza de obtener fondos para llevar el programa a la carretera.

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$10K To Make A Musical? Did I Get The Part? Where's The Sheet Music? Rob vs. Cynthia: Will There Be Costumes? Where's The Kiss? Rehearsal Is On Drag Time! Show Time! Will They Like It? Reunion Special With Michael Musto Little House On The Ferry: Act I Little House On The Ferry: Act II