The Silent Generation | Revry

62 min Premium-Documentary TV-MA

Director: Ferran Navarro-Beltrán

  • Jordi Petit
  • Armand de Fluvià
  • Isabel Franc
  • Silvia Reyes
  • Maria Giralt
  • Ferran Pujol
  • Jordi Griset
  • Leopold Estapé
  • Beatriz Espejo
  • Rosa Mª Maristany
  • Fina Campas
  • Llibert Ferri
  • Antoni Prades
  • Paulina Blanco
  • Gina Serra
  • Joana López
  • Fernanda Ariño
  • Mercè Pons
  • Yolanda Terol
  • Laura Soro
  • Àngels Torregrosa
  • Jaume Roca
  • Eliseu Picó

This documentary wants to pay a small tribute to Barcelona's LGBTI older people, both the pioneers of the movement and those who are anonymous, narrating in first person the events that have marked their lives, such as religious education, Franco's repression , democracy, the first LGTBI associations, AIDS or gay marriage.

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