The Objects Of Love | Revry

116 min Premium-Drama TV-MA

Director: Adrián Silvestre

  • Laura Rojas Godoy
  • Nicole Costa
  • Aurora Silva
  • Margot Medina
  • Andrea Iacovacci
  • Diana Agámez
  • Maddalena Recino
  • Miguel Ángel Tarditti
  • Simona Stacchiotti
  • Maria Stacchiotti
  • Marco Bomba
  • Marco La Ferla
  • Paolo Floris
  • Chiara Multari
  • Evelina Nazzaro

Luz leaves for Italy in search of a better future, leaving her two year-old son in the care of her family back in Colombia. Her European dream, however, starts to wither away as she suffers a series of misfortunes. Luz takes on her new social status and starts from scratch working as a cleaner. She unexpectedly meets Fran, a person so extraordinary that makes her overcome all her preconceptions. Together, they decide to be the owners of their lives.

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