Climax: The Series | Revry

13 min Premium-Comedy TV-MA

Director: Dayron Leon

  • Maxie Solters
  • Jason Boegh
  • Carole Ita White
  • Jan Lashly
  • Tracy Thorpe
  • Joshua Kwak
  • Judilin Bosita
  • Chuck Saculla
  • Diana Murphy
  • Mike McGill
  • Afton Quast
  • Maya Sayre
  • Angel Garet
  • Joan-Carol Bensen

Sex therapist, Sarah Dickmann (played by Maxie Solters), opens her own practice and attracts a gaggle of crazy clients. Through her pulsating methods, mostly involving vibrators, Sarah restores and enhances her clientele’s sexual energy in this bare all, provocative, hilarious, and seductive new web series.

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