I Am The Queen | Revry

76 min Documentary TV-MA

Director: Henrique Cirne-Lima

Director: Josue Pellot

  • Ginger Valdez
  • Julissa Ortiz-Rosado
  • Jolizza Colon
  • Bianca Feliciano
  • Lisa Rosado
  • Mia Jenkins
  • Juan Calderon
  • Zenaida Lopez
  • Allan Garcia
  • Shadow
  • Angela Colon
  • Iris Feliciano
  • Emily Colon
  • Yahaira Vargas
  • Elsa Velez
  • Ariel Rosado
  • David Sotomayor
  • Danny Rosado
  • Johnny Rosado
  • Anthony Rosado
  • Ariel Rosado Jr.
  • Reina Valentino

A documentary film focusing on a trans gender, youth beauty pageant, taking place in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood. Characters offer a glimpse of their lifestyle as they prepare to compete against each other.

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