Stupid For You | Revry

84 min Premium-Comedy TV-MA

Director: Jude Klassen

  • Mikhael Klassen-Kay
  • Caylin Turner
  • Jude Klassen
  • Mia Rodne
  • John Britton
  • Matt Clark
  • Michael Coughlan
  • Eric Fleising
  • Lily Frost
  • Jonah Hamilton
  • Steve Kasan
  • Lianne Mauladin
  • Robyn-Kay Pilarski
  • Bryn Pottie
  • Ed Robinson
  • Will Robinson
  • Eva Soleil
  • Bryn Turai
  • Tracey Woods

Awkward teen, Kat, reunites with her mom’s dysfunctional band to play at the ‘Spring Fling’ to win over the cool girl at school. As plans unravel, Kat must confront her stage fright and true feelings for her best friend to save the concert.

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