Innocent Boy | Revry

12 min Premium-Horror TV-MA

Director: Brock Cravy

  • Unique Jenkins
  • Kamy Bruder
  • Michael Vincent Berry
  • Ian Michaels
  • Saul Vasquez

Innocent Boy holds no prisoners. This is a beautifully shot, frightening queer allegory of capitalist greed and corruption. In Brock Cravy’s disturbing, queer, neon-western horror Innocent Boy, a peculiar cast of fantastically sketchy characters occupy a dark, a peculiar cast of fantastically sketchy characters occupy a dark, abandoned, trashy, drug-ridden farm house located just off of a long, dusty road in rural Texas. The house, frequently visited by travelers looking for a good time, features a group of queer hustlers led by a loathsome Madam, who they all call Momma (Michael Vincent Berry). These hustlers prey on the desperate attempt to treat their own mental and emotional anguish.desolate souls who visit them in a lonely desperados who have come for sex, drugs and Mommas special milk. The film has won Best LGBTQ+ Short, Best Horror, Best Cinematography, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Sound Design, Audience Choice and Best Direction. The controversial queer horror premiered at the historic Raleigh Studios

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