Bloody Knuckles | Revry

83 min Premium-Horror TV-MA

Director: Matt O'Mahoney

  • Adam Boys
  • Kasey Ryne Mazak
  • Ken Tsui
  • Gabrielle Giraud
  • Dwayne Bryshun
  • Steve Thackray
  • Tim Lok
  • Jason Asuncion

This deliriously offensive, gory horror-comedy features an underground comic book artist whose obscene caricature upsets a crime lord, who responds by cutting off the young man’s hand. The young man wallows in post-severed hand depression. Will criminality reign supreme? Will he live alone as a bitter one-handed man? Not if the slightly rotted hand, now alive and determined to exact revenge, teems up with his former body and a masked S&M gay superhero to rid the city of evil. 

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