Gay Positive | Revry

53 min Documentary TV-MA

Director: AJ Mattioli

  • Laverne Cox
  • Rutanya Alda
  • Blanche Baker
  • Jim Colucci
  • Frank DeCaro
  • Trapper Felides
  • Tiago Grade
  • Carly Hughes
  • Chelsey Keding
  • Yetta Kurland
  • Lisa Lampanelli
  • Vincent Leggett
  • Danny Logan
  • Dave McRee
  • Anthony Lee Medina
  • Eric Millegan
  • Kaitlin Monte
  • Tym Moss
  • Garry Novikoff
  • Athena Reich
  • Justin Luke Zirilli

Gay Positive educates viewers about the controversial ban on queer men donating blood in the USA. The film captures opinions of people from all walks of life, asking, If you were in need of blood would you take it from a queer? Organizations are forced to reject healthy individuals from donating. During the filming of this documentary, Mexico and the UK lifted their ban, while the FDA insists it remain. Through insightful conversations with Laverne Cox, Rutanya Alda, Blanche Baker, Jim Colucci, Frank DeCaro, Trapper Felides, Tiago Grade, Carly Hughes, Chelsey Keding, Yetta Kurland, Lisa Lampanelli, Vincent Leggett, Danny Logan, Dave McRee, Anthony Lee Medina, Eric Millegan, Kaitlin Monte, Tym Moss, Garry Novikoff, Athena Reich, and Justin Luke Zirilli; Gay Positive raises public awareness on the potential benefits of lifting the ban.

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