SCALES | Revry

Comedy Drama

Director: Shirley Norman

  • Patrick Ladonis
  • Keenan Green
  • Marcel Post
  • Shirley Norman
  • Omari Bailey
  • Brandley Candie
  • Devon McKelvin
  • Sydney Gates
  • Brian Slayton
  • Shanna Stewart
  • Jordan Paige Sudduth
  • Michael Esposito
  • Lais Buzzo
  • Skye Passmore
  • Onyx Simpson
  • Samiah Alexander

Remy and his two best friends have an epic breakdown in their journeys of finding stable relationships outside of each other. Remy Howard (34) has been in relationship witness protection and finally emerged to reclaim his sanity by dating again. Remy never finishes what he starts except his work responsibilities. He’s stuck between his past and present in love.

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