Flunk | Revry

Drama Romance

Director: Ric Forster

  • Jessica Li
  • Akasha Collins
  • Kelsie Adelaide
  • Caylen Forbes
  • Beaudene Perussich
  • Olivia Wright
  • Uisce Goriss-Dazeley
  • Peter Tran
  • Natalie Fenwick
  • Louna Maroun
  • Lin Yin
  • Katherine Halliday
  • Adam Brill
  • Sean McIntyre
  • Ben Nicholas
  • Marie Werrett
  • Anisa Mahama
  • Phillip Li
  • Mark Nicholson
  • Kallan Adelaide
  • Kelsie Schulz
  • Isabel Dilena
  • Rosa Nix
  • Madelyn Sheahan
  • Dominik Shields
  • Georgia Crisfield Smith
  • Jess Ciancio
  • Lauren McGuckin
  • Sofia Harrop
  • Damon Hunter
  • Ella Bourne
  • Madison Dell'Aquila
  • Conny Fong
  • Philip Hayden
  • Holly Monks
  • Emily Mutimer
  • Fantine Banulski
  • Matilda Evans
  • Inez Wertheim
  • Mia Barrett
  • Liv Rian
  • Kirsten Snowden
  • Oliver Murdoch

Critically acclaimed LGBTQ+ teen drama following shy school student Ingrid, as she starts to explore her sexuality – whilst navigating the pressures of a country high school and conservative Chinese-Australian family.

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