Smothered | Revry

Comedy Dramedy

Director: Terri Hanauer

Director: Carlyle King

  • Jason Stuart
  • Mitch Hara
  • Carole White
  • Jasper Cole
  • Kareem Ferguson
  • Robert Costanzo
  • Nic Few
  • Ellen Gerstein
  • Carole Goldman
  • Mercedes Steele
  • Samantha Tan
  • Amanda Bearse
  • Byron Quiros
  • Krishna Smitha
  • Ivan Davila
  • DawnMarie Ferrara
  • Josh Bardier
  • Armand Fields
  • Karen Tarleton
  • Nicole Lynn Evans
  • Vasilios Filippakis
  • Aida Rodriguez
  • Linna Carter
  • Robb Padgett
  • Susan Hopper

Jason Stuart (The Birth Of A Nation) and Mitch Hara (Mutant Olive) have co-written, starred & produced their own series "Smothered". They are harnessing their unique talents, baggage and humanness to express their joint insanity. This black comedy shines a glaring light on Randy (Hara) & Ralph (Stuart), a longtime gay couple who cannot stand each other... but can’t afford to get divorced.

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