La Gunguna | Revry

88 min Premium-Comedy TV-MA

Director: Ernesto Alemany

  • Isaac Savinon
  • Jalsen Santana
  • Nashla Bogaert
  • Jaime Tirelli
  • Janina Irizarry
  • Jean Gabriel Guerra
  • Francis Cruz
  • Gerardo Mercedes
  • Wasen Ou
  • Vlad Sosa
  • Teofilo Terrero
  • Erick Hsu
  • Rich Wong
  • Toussaint Merionne

The stories behind a .22 caliber pistol that brings bad luck and misfortune to any person that takes possession of it. La Gunguna tours the Caribbean underground leaving a trace of bad luck and unfortunate events, marked with tones of black humor.

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