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Julian King, purveyor of heartfelt next-gen R&B, is a Philly native, proud Aquarius, preacher’s kid with virtuoso vocals, dance moves to die for and skillful musicianship on piano. Carrying himself with the poise and class of a seasoned veteran, the youthful and streetwise Julian King has been steeped in music and performance his entire life. Julian’s 2019 debut full-length album, “Made in China”, blazed the scene with its 15 polished tracks including streaming favorites “Seasons”, “Safe” and “Always You”. With repertoire polished during his 2018 year-long tour of the five-star hotels of China, the album remains on repeat-play for scores of lovers of passionate, honest R&B. In December 2020 he dropped his EP, “TAKEOUT” featuring eight tracks including collaborations with Mare, Just Frenchie, Kymberli Joye, Shaun Sounds, Kevin JZ Prodigy, Precious, and Brayla. Julian is an alum of the acclaimed Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts and went on to attend Philadelphia University of the Arts, where he graduated with a BA in Vocal Performance. As a kid, Julian loved animals so much that he wanted to become a veterinarian, and up through seventh grade focused much of his passion and study on marine biology. Julian said, “But it was eighth grade when I realized that while I loved animals, I loved the stage more.” With growing self-awareness, Julian pivoted and began to place all his energy into song and dance. It was at this time that Julian and everyone in his orbit knew he had an exceptional gift. “As I matured, and my understanding of love and relationships developed along with my voice, I realized I could truly express the depth of love in my heart through song. I treat relationships with the greatest respect. I love people and all creatures. I’m all about tolerance and respect. I’m all about inclusivity. I love having seats at tables, but I would love for everyone to have a seat at the table.” Julian King’s loving nature translates directly to his soaring, soulful music and exceptional performance.

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