Strut | Revry

Comedy Dramedy

Director: Michelle Cutolo

  • Misha Calvert
  • Margaret Judson
  • Christina Toth
  • Manini Gupta
  • Nick Adamson
  • Josh Bonzie
  • Olesya Senchenko
  • Darlene Hope

In each episode of the Revry Original comedy series Strut, we watch Eddie and her friends transform through their risky new endeavor in unexpected positive ways. Eddie is a geeky porn editor whose low self-confidence has turned her into a 26-year-old hermit. Her friends, Eva (an unemployed artist), Lucy (an intern), and Chandaleer (a trainwreck/fashion model) vow to save her from her unhealthy solitude. When the friends decide to start a high-end escorting agency to earn more money, they convince skeptical Eddie to help them build their business and lift her self-esteem. Together they successfully navigate the adrenaline-fueled escorting industry with Eddie as their CEO and fellow sex worker. Strut premiered on Revry as an original in 2021.

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