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Animated Docu-Series Educational

While lawmakers are busy passing laws and proposing measures to limit the self expression of LGBTQ+ youth in their schools and communities, The Future Perfect Project has been handing the mic over to the next generation of LGBTQ+ youth. Queer Youth Animated is an animated, bite-sized documentary series that portrays the vision of a more perfect future for us all. Edited down from one-on-one interviews with LGBTQ+ Youth, each bite-sized animation gives you a peek into the life of one young person and gives them the opportunity to talk about the topics that matter to them: family, relationships, peer acceptance, clothing, their bodies, social justice, the future, and more.

The Circuit Submission Possible Pot Pie High Herstory Go Hard Fly Brother Exotic Destinations 101 The Library The Outline Convince Me Submission Possible Room To Grow


Cal Brianna Vivi Zion Sarah Ken Cheyenne Logan Will Juliana